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Parking Lock


Smart car lock mechanical structure design drawing sharing. The application of smart parking locks is more and more widely used. The general smart parking locks are divided into two types: smart remote parking locks based on infrared data transmission; mobile phone APPs based on Bluetooth data transmission control smart parking locks, and the connection modes are not the same. There are also differences in the design, the main structure is similar, the same is to achieve remote control smart car lock, to achieve the car control, do not need to get off the manual operation. 9AV Smart Lock China

2017-05-17_091651.jpg 9AV Smart Lock China

Intelligent parking lock mechanical structure design

The smart parking lock shall be controlled according to the instructions of the control circuit to achieve the lifting and lowering control of the turning arm so as to realize the berthing and the exit of the vehicle. In terms of function, smart car locks can be divided into three parts: high-frequency circuits, control circuits and mechanical equipment. 9AV Smart Lock China

High-frequency circuit includes RFID signal transceiver chip, detection filter amplification circuit, protection circuit and other modules; control circuit consists of microcontroller chip, motor and drive circuit, power module; mechanical equipment part from the rotating shaft, positioning gear, gear and card Buckle switch. 9AV Smart Lock China

Smart car lock open, close the software process as shown: 9Av smart lock China

When the vehicle is far away from the parking space, the electronic tag is out of the working range of the RFID reader, and the entire circuit is in a standby sleep state, which keeps the power consumption low. When the vehicle approaches the parking space (within 20m), the reader gradually receives the RF signal sent back by the electronic tag carried by the vehicle. 9AV Smart Lock China

The microprocessor module STC11F32XE activates the entire circuit from the standby state, and the high-frequency module demodulates and decodes the received feedback information. If the decoding is successful, the received identity information is matched with the legal identity saved by the system to intelligently determine whether the vehicle is the owner of the parking space. 9AV Smart Lock China

If the information matching fails, it is regarded as an illegal vehicle, and the system continues to decode; if the ratio is successful, it is considered as a legal vehicle. The MCU sends a command message to unlock the parking lock, turns on the motor, automatically turns the parking lock flip arm, and parks the vehicle in the parking space. On the smart parking is completed. 9AV Smart Lock China

When the vehicle leaves the parking space, leaving the RFID operating range, the smart car position sensor does not sense the signal sent back by the vehicle unit. The start timer is delayed by 15 seconds. After the timer expires, if the electronic label information is still not received, the vehicle has been confirmed. After leaving, the parking lock will automatically rise and begin to protect the parking space, waiting for the next stop of the vehicle. 9AV Smart Lock China

Considering the cost of RFID readers, you can replace them with Bluetooth communication modules to implement Bluetooth transmission instructions. 9AV Smart Lock China

Intelligent Car Lock Design Based on Infrared Transmission: 9Av Smart Lock China

Using infrared remote control technology combined with single-chip microcomputer, parking lock is mainly composed of transmitting module, receiving module and control module. The transmitting module consists of key, signal generating circuit, modulating circuit, driving circuit and infrared transmitter. Its function is launch vehicle. Identity Information; 9AV Smart Lock China

The receiving module is composed of an infrared receiver, an amplifier circuit, and a demodulation and shaping circuit, and is responsible for converting the infrared signal into an electric signal and sending it to the single chip microcomputer; 9Av smart lock China

The control circuit is mainly composed of a single-chip relay relay contactor and alarm circuit; the single-chip microcomputer is responsible for recognizing the received key code and controlling the closing of the parking lock. 9AV Smart Lock China

Intelligent parking lock mechanical structure design ideas

Smart Car Lock Structure Design Based on Bluetooth Transmission: 9Av Smart Lock China

The role of Bluetooth remote control parking lock: Parking lock is a remote control electromechanical device, the role is to prevent others from occupying their own car parking spaces, so that their own cars come with stop. The installation position of the parking lock is generally installed at 1/3 of the middle entrance of the parking space, and the installation conditions are required to be on the flat surface of cement. 9AV Smart Lock China

The use of wireless transceiver module and codec chip to complete the remote control signal transmission and reception, and through the microcontroller to decode the signal processing and feedback to the stepper motor, to achieve the purpose of parking lock automatic lifting; To prevent the remote control from misuse, the introduction of the lock The ultrasonic module serves as a detection unit for monitoring whether there is a car above the parking space, effectively avoiding the loss of the mechanical parts of the vehicle when the parking lock is opened incorrectly when parking above the parking space. 9AV Smart Lock China

The above information comes from the Internet, published by the smart lock China Network Xiaobian release, more parking lock knowledge, please pay attention to the site section! 9AV Smart Lock China

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