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The introduction of Speed gate and swing gate


Speed gate is an upgrade product of swing gate. Speed gate is also called high-end swing gate. What is the difference between speed gate and swing gate? RS Security Company will share iwith you.

Swing gate: It is a kind of widely used channel equipment. The left and right sides swing, usually in the normally closed state, that is, the swing gate is in the middle, and the authorization signal is obtained. The gate swings forward to open, the pedestrian can pass, when the pedestrian is in the middle, the swing gate passes. The electrons fail to pass the inspection and the machine starts the anti-clamping function. The gate of the machine is not shut off. At the same time, the Xingshunan swing gate also has mechanical anti-clamping. Even if the electrons are broken, the mechanical anti-clamping can work at any time to ensure the safety of pedestrians. One important thing is that when someone slamming the gate and the external force collides suddenly, the ordinary swing gate will cause a bad swing or movement (determined by the size of the external force). The swing gate of the Xingshun An anti-collision movement is biased to one side and reset manually. , Play the role of the protection of the movement, illegal entry, the gate alarm. The limit of the swing gate is achieved by the proximity switch. The position of each stop of the proximity switch is not very accurate. Only the approximate position can be ensured by the four-slot position of the movement, but the biggest problem of this movement is serious wear and tear. Each swing, relying on the four-slot wheel sliding friction, it is recommended to use a particularly frequent occasions, this swing gate can not be applied, consider the speed gate or wing gate three roller gate.

Speed gate: a new type of pendulum gate, also high-end swing gate, fast response, each gate opening time 0.4-0.5 seconds, speed can also be adjusted, the general speed is very fast, is an ordinary pendulum The gate is more than 2 times faster, allowing pedestrians to quickly pass through. This is a big advantage of Speed Gate. It also has collision avoidance. The normal swing gate is not anti-collision, and it is the bumper movement that can crash, but it cannot be reset. It must be manually reset. , This is not very convenient, speed through the door to have anti-collision, automatic reset, the square brake suddenly encountered an external force, the swing arm will be in the direction of the force is cheap, eliminate the external force, the swing arm can automatically reset, easy and comfortable, if someone When the sluice gate is locked, the swing arm is automatically locked and the machine gives an alarm sound. The administrator finds the slam gate personnel based on the alarm sound. The voice prompts that the gate is normal, there will be voice prompts, there is a sense of intimacy, you can change the prompt mode. In the fire mode, the gate receives the fire mode signal, and the gate automatically enters into the fire mode state, which is suitable for emergency evacuation of personnel. It will not be arbitrarily closed in the middle, and the power off gate will be opened automatically. It meets the requirements of firefighting function, communication mode, 485 traffic and network communication. The gates are connected to the computer and can be remotely operated, remotely set up, and the network can be operated remotely. This is compatible with the Android and Apple systems, saving trouble and peace of mind.

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